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Matthew T. Merryman for Jackson County Executive

Progressive. Pragmatic. Principled.

Matthew is a 38-year-old environmental attorney, former public defender, and native Kansas Citian. A civic leader and champion of vulnerable populations, Matthew is dedicated to uniting all communities in Jackson County and bringing civility to the Executive Office. Join our grassroots campaign! 

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Meet Matthew

Matthew T. Merryman is a Kansas Citian, and...

Read on to hear about the issues that are fundamental to Matthew's campaign for the office of Jackson County Executive.


Safe and Successful Schools Countywide

A father and child advocate who believes all children deserve a safe environment to learn and succeed.

Matthew believes it is essential to advocate for all of the school districts within the county by developing working relationships with the superintendents, school boards, local leaders, and parents to ensure our schools are safe and supported. That is why Matthew supports Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense legislation and Gun Sense Advocacy and will continue to March For Our Lives!

As Executive, Matthew will request that the Jackson County Legislature decrease the Executive salary by 10% and use the saved money to develop and support a mentorship program in middle and high schools throughout the county. Matthew will also work with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure its Junior Deputies Program is being supported throughout the county. The future of our schools resides in our leaders being vocal for our children’s success and safety. If elected, Matthew will be a tireless advocate for every child within our county.

Expanded Trails and Green Transportation Initiatives

An Advocate for Trails, Paths, and Green Transportation

Matthew is an environmental attorney who is focused on green development. Kansas City has initiated the process of redefining transportation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles within the metropolitan area. Matthew believes that it is time for the county to take a leadership role in developing a regional green transportation policy. As Executive, Matthew will work with residents, non-profits, and green transportation advocates to develop a long-term regional plan that embraces a complete street philosophy. Matthew will also strive to further develop the county trails with a comprehensive strategy that aims to connect all county residents to these important assets. Our future success will be determined in our ability to be innovate.


The Jackson County Detention Center Crisis

A Former Public Defender who Understands the Jail Crisis

A public defender familiar with the issues facing the Jackson County Detention Center (“The Jail”), Matthew knows the dangers staff and detainees face because of the unsafe, unsanitary, and inhumane conditions that exist due to 30 years of deferred maintenance and failed county leadership. Action is needed to ensure a safe, clean and humane environment exists for correctional officers and detainees who await their constitutionally protected day in court. The current state of The Jail is costing taxpayers millions of dollars in repairs and lawsuits while not addressing the reality that the facility must be replaced with centers that focus on restorative justice and rehabilitation.

Matthew will work with county officials, criminal justice experts, correctional staff, and detainees to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the current realities of detention populations while instituting programs to tackle recidivist behaviors with the goal of decreasing future detention populations and increasing public safety. We have a moral obligation to treat all of our residents with dignity and respect.


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